Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

dont worry.

don't worry. we can. we've grown. nothing has changed, should not be messing around again with this relationship.
I believe you, ye believe me.
you ever say to me "all the properties you, would I opponent with really". I believe, you can prove your words were. I believe there is no longer a man as good as you. I believe even strongly believe we actually get to someday.

I just wanted to prove that during the time that you're doing is not wasted. I just wanted to prove that you will not regret choosing me.

I can not imagine having to split up.
I believe, always believe. we can be happy in our own way
I will continue to keep this feeling, because I believe above all that we live,
in sadness and laughter I'm there for you, in a tender and cheerful I present for you, believe me always that you can not be replaced, now and forever you're going to keep my guard. sure! 

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